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When reading through my articles on life advice, I realized that the website would benefit from other people’s opinions and the life lessons they would like to share with others. It did not make sense to have another editor as I do not have the money or the need to do so. Instead, why not interview individuals over text message in which I would ask them a set of questions or just let them tell me anything that might be on their mind. My primary role as the interviewers would be to listen and not honestly give any of my feedback. In this manner, the interviewed individual is free to talk about whatever they would like. This would be great for anyone who wants to get off their mind or for someone who does not have anyone to communicate with. I would place a form on the website in which I ask them when they would be accessible throughout the day and ask them basic information like their first name and where they live. At first, I could charge $5 per interview and treat it as a therapy session, but that is the worst idea ever as it would only reduce the number of interviews that I would get, and I am not licensed to be a therapist. Instead, I would provide my Venmo if someone sees value in what I am doing and would like to donate. Suppose I do not get any donations that are perfectly fine with me as I should keep the site running with the money that I make from my job. The goal with these interviews would be to create a set of profiles that can be categorized based on age, gender, and even race for other people who fit into the same category to see if they have any similarities or even let them see the hardships that people of another or similar race must go through. I would be the one in charge of writing the responses provided to me in an easy-to-read format. I would, of course, allow the interviewee to request that their interview not be included or reach out to me if I misinterpreted anything that they stated.

               If we do some math, according to Statista, there are about 294.15 million smartphone users in the United States. If I could do five interviews each hour and I could do this for 350 days per year for an estimated amount of 8 hours each day, that would amount to 14,000 discussions per year. By running the website for 30 years, I would have been able to do 420,000 interviews by the time I am 51. That would account for 0.14% of the total smartphone population in the United States. Even though that may seem meager as a percentage, being able to communicate with almost half a million individuals over my lifetime would be incredible. Not only that, but it would give me and others that may read the website so much invaluable information.

               At the start, the biggest issue would likely be to garner attention to what I am doing. In the beginning, I will try using Craigslist and make a post that states interviews to see if anyone would be interested. If I can get someone to respond, I will try to see if they would recommend the service to a friend. That way, I can grow through word of mouth or however the saying goes.

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