• Frank Font

A Lesson From A Friend

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

While researching the different types of options strategies, I was reminded of a friend who unfortunately passed away a few years ago. Thinking about him made me realize that the stock market is like when you first start solving trigonometric identities from Pre-Calculus. No matter how many shortcuts you attempt to look up, the only way to solve them is through practice. This was a principle that no one in my Pre-Calculus class understood at first except one person: the friend that I previously mentioned. Even though our professor at the time repeatedly told us that we would all eventually understand how to do them, we all insisted on asking the one person who did understand in our class what his secret was. To all our disappointments, he told us that it was just a matter of practice. As the person in the class who loved math more than the rest of us, he would spend his time figuring out how to apply the formulas and figure out how they were derived. Even though he was far more intelligent than I was, he was successful due to his willingness to understand things at a fundamental level. Although the entire class eventually understood how to solve trig identities, the length it took each varied.

Therefore, I should not be discouraged if it feels impossible to figure out an effective trading strategy at times. I must view the stock market as a trig identity that needs to be solved. It may seem impossible at first, but if I take things one step, there is no reason why the equation cannot be solved. The problem will also be that the same question will not show up every time; the question will be ever-changing, but to make the next question easier to solve, it will be essential to note what allowed for a successful solution to the previous question.

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