• Frank Font

Back Pain, Knee Pain and All the Others

The older I get, the more I realize it is a pain in the behind, literally. When I was in elementary school, I remember not having to worry about back pain or my knees starting to hurt. Now I can be lying in bed, and out of nowhere, my back starts killing me for absolutely no reason. Keep in mind that I am pretty fit at 6'2 and around 195 pounds, so I can only imagine what someone out of shape must feel. When I was younger, I would always hear my grandparents and even parents complain about how they always experienced joint pain, and my thought was that is not going to happen to me. Looking back, boy, was I wrong.

Therefore, take care of your body not only when you're young but also when you are old. The most common prevention methods seem to be keeping a healthy weight and staying active. It is also advised that you wear appropriate shoes when it pertains to knee pain. When it pertains to weight, the best advice I could give someone is to avoid going to the grocery store too often to prevent stocking up on snacks. When I was in college, I always made a list before going to the store to avoid browsing when going down the aisles. Something else that I believe would help is if you decided to only get one item to snack on instead of a variety. I reason that you will likely grow tired of eating the same thing the entire week and will probably skip out on eating it toward the end of the week. I do not snack often, so I cannot attest to the effectiveness of the previous statement.

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