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Updated: Jun 16, 2021

One of the problems that I have always faced throughout high school and especially college was procrastination. This became an even bigger issue during the Covid-9 pandemic as classes moved online. Due to there being no need to show up to class in person, I would rarely show up to the lectures as I never learned much during them in the first place. What I relied on was the homework in which you would get to use the material taught in classes. My mistake was to use the assistance button on most of the homework problems, which would allow me to guess the answer to the questions by looking through the steps highlighted in the example problem. This prevented me from learning the material, and instead of reviewing the material, I would watch YouTube videos or finish whatever anime I was watching. That would lead me to know all the material on the test three days before the exam. Even though I was able to pass most of the exams, I would have been able to do much better overall.

Therefore, if you are currently in high school, I would advise that you try to find a way to avoid procrastination as much as possible before you go to college because, at some point, it will be too late to get rid of the habit. If you are currently in college, the best advice I would give is to shut down your phone before studying. This will prevent you from getting distracted by any calls, text, or the urge to check social media. If that does not help, then head over to a local library if you are on campus and leave your phone at home or in the car. There are likely a complete set of articles on this topic, so I will not go into too much detail.

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