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Every Opportunity Can Be A Money-Making Opportunity

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

If you read my post about High School Car Purchase, then in this post, I want to highlight how you can profit from an activity you are already doing. Let us consider that you purchased a car for high school, and you drive to school by yourself. If you look to the side and behind you, each of those seats can be making you money. Suppose you took the bus like me, you likely knew a few people who wished that they could travel to school in a means other than the bus, and that is where you come in. By reaching an agreement with four friends that live in your route on the way to school, you can have each person pay you one dollar each time you take them to and from school. If you can provide them a ride every day of the school year, you could make $180 per person, assuming 36 weeks in a school year. If you always have four other people in your car, then that equates to $720, which will at least cover the cost of fuel without causing you to have any additional wear on your vehicle. It should be considered that having more weight in the car will decrease the gas mileage, but the money you have made will far outweigh the downside.

Such a situation would benefit not only you but also those that you have in your car. By only having to pay $180 a year to have a convenient form of transportation to and from school, they can save thousands on the price of insurance and the price of a used car. You, on the other hand, would receive help paying for the cost of the vehicle. If I consider a situation that my sister and I are currently in, I can again illustrate my point. We want to build a gym in the garage, but the overall price will likely be around $2,000 for the mats, weights, dumbbells, bench, bar, and power cage. If we consider that she was paying $15 per month for a gym membership, she saves $180 per year.

Given that we can use the equipment for more than ten years, then over that time spend, she would be saving $1,800 by not having a gym membership. That would already pay for the entire cost of the home gym. But now, let us assume that we each use the gym at a different time in the day. It would be simply to get one person to work out with each of us and allow us to charge them five dollars per month. This would enable us to supervise whoever is in there and provide someone to spot us while lifting weight. Per year we would be able to make $120, and over ten years, that would lead to $1,200. Even though this would not result in a profit, it would allow for the equipment to be paid for at no expense. It should be considered that we would try to get people that we know to make use of the gym to avoid a lawsuit if an injury were to occur.

I am trying to prove that you can not only pay for the products you purchase by simply using them as a money-making opportunity but that you should be thinking in the long term. For someone who only believes at the moment, they would never say a reason to buy the gym equipment as to them the cost would be more than the cost of a gym membership. What they are not considering is the cost of going to the gym for years into the future. This is also true with something like compound interest; you should not be concerned about the amount you have at the end of the year but in 20 years and beyond.

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