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High School Car Purchase

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

One mistake that I made during high school was buying a car during my senior year. There was indeed no need to purchase a car as I worked on weekends and always had my parent's car available as transportation for work. I ended up purchasing a car because the bus I was currently taking to school was overcrowded to the point that it was required for some students to sit on the floor or cramp themselves three to a seat. If I had avoided making the purchase, I could have had an additional $8,000 by the end of high school. This sum comes from purchasing the car itself, which was roughly $4,000 after paying the registration cost and the insurance, which was $4,000. It is essential to state that I did place myself on my family's insurance, a method used to reduce overall cost, but it increased the overall cost because I had purchased a V6. The car itself only lasted two years because I allowed my mom to have one of her friends take a look at a car on my to behave who was supposedly a mechanic. Let me tell you that it was the biggest mistake I could have made. While driving the vehicle for the first time, it made a jerking motion which I later realized was a slipping transmission.

Given that I had paid over $4,000 to purchase the car, I drove it as is and hoped for the best. If I did decide to fix the transmission, it would have cost another thousand dollars. Given that the car already had 200,000 miles, there was likely not much life left in the vehicle regardless of the transmission's condition. It did last me for the rest of my high school year, but for money that had to go into it, it was not worth it. If I had been patient and waited for a better deal to appear that I could have driven, I could have saved thousands.

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