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Overview of Interviews

I wanted to highlight the questions that I could ask to keep each interview summary consistent in this post. The basic questions will, of course, be first name, current state/country in which you reside, your country of birth. If the interviewee feels comfortable with any of these, I would just put their name as the header.

My focus would be on your well-being and your current financial situation. Therefore, some of the appropriate questions would be: are you on track to retire at the age you would like, has anything stressed you out recently, are you happy with your way of life. I would treat these as leading questions that would allow the interviewee to go into whatever discussion they would like. However, as I mentioned before, I am not qualified to give emotional or financial advice, so I will not tell anyone what they should do. Instead, I will ask them if they had research methods to improve their situation and possibly provide certain websites. Having someone to talk to can take the stress off certain situations one is going through in life, which is my goal when talking to each person.

The closing set of questions would seek to have the interviewee reflect upon their life by asking them a set of simple questions: what are you most proud of in your life, what would you consider your biggest mistake, is there anything you are looking forward to, what is one word of advice that you would give someone younger than yourself and lastly if you could change one of your past actions, what would it be. I believe these questions would also allow anyone who reads the interviews to take something away from them.

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The first interviewee will, of course, be me, and if you read my website introduction, you should know that my name is Frank. I was born in Cuba in the year 2000, which would make me 21. I have reside