• Frank Font

The Belief That The Grass Is Greener

If you were to ask someone from the United States if they would want to go live in Paris, I can guarantee you that at least 80 percent of them would respond yes. But if you ask them why they will likely give an answer that is not based on facts. Instead, they will go off what they see on social media or movies but is that the reality: NO. If you were to talk to someone that has lived there for any substantial amount of time, they would likely have the same complaints that the individuals who would want to live there have about their own home country.

I will admit that I have been responsible for this many times. When I wrote one of my previous articles and stated that I would need 10 million dollars to live my ideal life, I considered that I would be living in three different countries with houses that were valued at around 2 million each. The more I started to think about it, the more I realized that living in a bigger house would not make me any happier than I currently am. Therefore, the problem is rooted in the belief that having something “better” would make you more comfortable. You may which to have a lawn as green as your neighbors, but are you willing to waste money on the biweekly lawn service or even the sprinkler repair cost. Having greener grass will not make your life any more comfortable when you are away at work or taking a drive in your car.

I’m not writing this to say that you should not have nice things, but if you do not have the economic capabilities to buy something, there is nothing wrong with buying the next best thing. If you will purchase a product that will stretch your finances, then at least consider if it is genuinely worth the cost.

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