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The Importance of Wearing Protection

This is meant for readers at least 18; therefore, if you follow below that age, read another one of my articles. By reading the title, you should already know what I will be talking about in this article, the need to always stay safe during intercourse. Even though I always have and will continue to, I started thinking back to how every year I was in high school, there would always be one or two upperclassmen that would end up getting pregnant. There is nothing inherently wrong with having kids at a young age, but while you are still in high school, I believe that it would be tough to support a family later in life. Therefore, I wanted to cover the cost of not using protection at a young age and even later in life.

I want to start the discussion by talking about the most common type of contraceptive, condoms. Depending on the brand, they could easily be purchased for less than 50 cents per condom, depending on the brand and the quantity. To save money, I would advise you to stay away from drug stores and buy in bulk unless you want to be paying a ridiculously higher price. This is likely the only option you have when you are younger due to cost and ease of access. I would recommend that you use the withdrawal method and condoms to increase the effectiveness and if you are as paranoid as me, what I use to do was blow the condom into a balloon to make sure it had no holes when I finished intercourse. Just be precautious and make sure the fluid does not roll back and touch your lip. There are also female condoms, but according to the article published by the HHS, they are only 76.8 percent effective instead of 86.6 percent for male condoms. They are also priced much higher, with the lowest price I could find is $1.7 per condom. However, when you become older, there are other options like Copper-T IUD, LNG-20 IUS, implants, injectable contraceptives, among others. If you would like to see the different methods and their cost-effectiveness, click on the text HHS and it will direct you to the link and look over Table 3. Since we are focused on finance and personal well-being on this website, none of the methods beat out the Copper-T IUD in C/E with a vasectomy and LNG-20 IUS coming in close second and third; however, they are both more effective. However, unless you have a partner, I would still recommend you use a condom due to STDs, as that is another concern you should have when participating in intercourse.

Now I want to transition over to the adverse outcomes of not wearing protection. First, we have to cover unplanned childbirth, which I estimated would cost $75,000 for one child for 18 years from my interpretation of the data on plutusfoundation. That equates to about $4,150 per year which if you were to be able to invest over ten years from the age of 20 to 30 because you did not have to take care of a child, you would have an investment portfolio worth about $600,000 by the time you turn 50. This calculation was done using a 6 percent return after considering an average inflation rate of 2 percent. There is also the possibility of catching an STD, which is too difficult to pinpoint a reasonable monetary cost when treating, but they can lead to severe discomfort.

In conclusion, wrap your willy, so you do not end up looking silly.

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